Hamza Makonnen’s New Book “Transcending My Brooklyn” on Sale Now

It has been said that travelling is the only thing that can be purchased which makes a person richer.  The wealth one finds in travelling to far-away places isn’t a monetary gain; it is an increase in the currency of perspective.   Hamza Makonnen shares his new found take on aspects of his native Hip-Hop culture, life in America & the Middle East after living in various Middle Eastern countries as an English teacher for four years.

Excerpt #1 – The “N” Word 1 of 3

Excerpt #2 – The Beheading

Father’s Day for Fathers

With Father’s Day coming around we are sure to see loads of fathers proudly displaying their children on social media posts. Little boys dressed like dad while the father smiles with pride or little girls with smiles beaming from ear to ear as they pose for a picture with the first man they ever loved. Just as with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is probably the most well-meaning holiday you’re gonna find in America. Parenting is a special thing that only others who have reared a child can appreciate. I know love and all its variations. Love IS love, but no love compares to the love a parent has for its child or a child to a parent. While professing our love and adoration for parenting or our parents is quite normal, there has been an increasing amount of mothers who have claimed Father’s Day for themselves. No they aren’t post-op transsexuals, rather they are normal women with all the normal parts. The only thing that’s not normal is that they’re claiming fatherhood.


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Jordan Won’t Save Us

The-ShrugI wonder how many people wake up with “Criticize Michael Jordan” on their “To-Do” list. Obviously, a Pew Research Poll isn’t available, but from what I see online the hate is never-ending. Countless memes are referring to the internet rumor of him investing 20 million dollars into private prison facilities, which to date no documents have surfaced to prove this rumor correct. Mention of the Chamillionaire incident where Jordan allegedly refused the rapper’s request for a picture then stated “I don’t take pics with niggas.” Blame for the deaths which were allegedly caused by his high end basketball shoes. There’s also the ever present argument that he has not “done enough” to address the social ills in the Black community.

Most recently, former NBA all-time scoring champion, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, weighed in on the latter argument in the case of “The People of the Community vs. Michael Jordan”. Abdul-Jabbar feels Jordan chose “Commerce over Conscious” and will “have to live with his choices”, whatever that means. All of this purportedly stems from a comment made by Jordan 25 years ago about “Republicans buy shoes also”.

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In 2009(maybe) while going to see some of my ppls on Lefferts I met Rapp. European cat, prolly French or something. He was sitting on the stoop around a bunch of hood dudes quite comfortably. So when he stepped off I asked my man Jay (Rest Easy) about him and I was told that he was prepping to drive around the world. I thought the homie was exaggerating but the Euro dude went off and did it. He drove from NYC to the southern most point of South America then shipped his jeep to South Africa. He then proceeded to drive thru Africa, the mid East and Asia. It took him a year n a few months. Super Dope. Peep his blog. S/O to Rapp wherever he is. Rest easy to my man Jay. #Globetrotter #GoSeeSomethingNew #ItllChangeUrEyes