My Story (revisited)

My Story

I’m honestly at a loss for words about the whole of my experience over the past few years.  The priceless and infinitely indelible journey was and has been too rich for me to fully express. Quite honestly, I’m not confident I can fairly articulate the whole of everything;  the amazement, the enrichment, and all that have no words for.  Despite this I will press on.

Where my story begins can’t be pinpointed with preciseness as I am nothing more than an extension of those who walked before me and those who surround me.  Quite a few of my friends and associates have taken similar paths as travelers, all for different reasons. Some sought a social network worthy lifestyle with dope pics of fly buildings, scenic landscapes and food porn pics of all things exotic.  Others yearned for the spiritual enlightenment only to be found when one loses himself stretching the earth.  Those such as myself are nothing more than the curious children who ask a billion and one questions and become amazed at the sight of new.  Of course, I have my reasons, but I’d rather not overcomplicate things just yet.  Let’s just say, I like seeing and testing and hearing and experiencing new.  Due to this, I travel.

My story, as it still writes itself, will be relayed.  In between those narratives I’ll share my beliefs and biases on a range of things pertaining to my culture and surroundings.  My voice, in reality, is one of many. What separates from the next is for the reader to discuss as self praise, even in the name of promotion, makes me feel uncomfortable.

I appreciate all feedback and discourse, however, I refuse to debate.  As an educator, I don’t believe debates are the optimal setting for acquiring new information despite their usefulness in some arenas.   If what I relay is found to be in error, please correct me for I am only human and to err is to be human.  With that said, come along for the ride.

Peace and Be Blessed

Hamza Makonnen


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