Conscious for Nothing

In 2014, society is in what is called the “Age of Information”.  Driven by the internet’s ability to give its users access to virtual libraries, people now have more information at their fingertips then they can, quite possibly, do something worthwhile with.  The benefits are well-known.  The World Wide Web allows a user to view documents and books that may have long out of print as well as view videos of lectures on a broad range of topics instantaneously and conveniently from home or a cell phone.  In theory, this is a good thing, but too much of a good thing can and usually becomes a thing anything but good.

Since Hip-Hop is no longer the vehicle for consciousness as it was in its preplatinum days, the majority of those who claim to high have “overstanding” were more than likely introduced to these creative ideologies through YouTube and bulletin boards.  I am all for self-enlightenment, so this is not to shun such endeavors.  Rather I do have a problem when these many levels and streams of enlightenment and “overstanding” overlook some of the most basic fundamental communal mechanisms.

One might even argue that these conscious movements has done little, if anything, in reverting back to the way of our “deaf, dumb, and blind” forefathers who despite their ignorance to supreme mathematics or the secrets of ancient Khemet or Jim Crow’s nefarious but proven to be fabricated master scheme, were able to maintain a family.  The 95ers, whom we are all descendants of, also maintained respect for parents & elders, shunned out of wedlock childbirths, shacking up, and other mores which are no longer social norms.

The question I am posing:  Are people today conscious for nothing?  Their efforts, excuse me, our efforts were made with pure intentions, but when our newfound overstanding overlooks the most rudimentary “universal truths” that are static in most “civilized” societies and cultures then it is on us to really “do the knowledge” to what are studying and calling to.  What are we missing?

When “right knowledge” does not advocate maintaining families and putting the focus the institution that without which a community doesn’t exist, then the “mathematics” don’t add up and whatever the brothers and sisters are “building” about won’t amount to much. Our ancestors in the Americas, many of whom were illiterate and all of whom were without virtual libraries in their pockets, in spite of the overwhelming oppression they were burdened with, understood that preserving families aided in providing strength and stability throughout the worst of trials.  Our generation, perhaps beguiled by shelves full of books and oratory prowess, has lost sight of what is most important.  What has resulted is a bunch of people who, according to my observations, are conscious for no good reason.  No communities because there are no families, just individuals with knowledge of self.

Disclaimer:  This was not a jab at any specific ideology or doctrine.  Rather it is aimed towards every ideology or doctrine that does not have an emphasis on the building and maintaining the family structure.

Another Disclaimer:  Overstand is not a real word.


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