Afrika Bambatta is Jerry Sandusky

Is Afrika Bambatta the Jerry Sandusky of Hip-Hop?  Or is Jerry Sandusky the Afrika Bambatta of college football?

Since the accusations of molestation were leveled against the man who many believe to be the founder of hip-hop culture, many have come to the defense of the alleged pervert.  While Bambatta has not been found guilty in a court of law of anything, the court of public opinion has already issued a verdict: dude is a pedophile.

As a child of the Hip-Hop culture, I am saddened this revelation, but not entirely surprised.  My experience, albeit brief, in the entertainment industry has shown me there are a lot of dark and sometimes perverted things that take place in those circles.  At this point nothing surprises me anymore.  Also, I understand that people have issues, whatever they may be.  Success and fame has never made anyone exempt from personal demons.  Usually the attention and money make those vices more accessible for the famous person.  Enter the Godfather of Hip-Hop, Afrika Bambatta.

My stance regarding Bambatta, should the allegations are true, is probably like most men who are fathers.  If he is who the accuser’s say he is then he is, in fact, a subhuman piece of shit.  The pointed words and crass tone is more than warranted if he is a child molester. Considering his level of influence, similar to Jerry Sandusky, Bambatta was in a position that gave him access to many young men as well as the ability to leverage his awe inspiring persona into a level of intimidation needed to carry out child molestation of a long period of time. 

Without a doubt, all the facts have yet to come out, but one thing is for sure: Afrika Bambatta is a man with more than the average skeletons in his closet.  I hope justice is served for sake of all his alert victims.  Hip-Hop already has its share of personalities who lack self-accountability, so we damn sure don’t need it from a pioneer who acts like he’s holier than thou.


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