Hey, Look At Me!!!

In this social media age of “Hey, look at me!”  Is there really space for lil’ old me?  Well, “Lil ‘Old Me” actually isn’t little at all. Standing at 6’3, weighing over 200 lbs, I’m only little next a size Shaq  sized mountain of a person.  My Adonis like height aside, on social media I might as well be 5’6 because all the bragging, boasting and posting selfies every damn day just isn’t who I am.  20161219_074520-ANIMATION.gif

The cloth I’m cut from isn’t the scarf my lady wraps her doobie in.   I’m actually from the era when men weren’t overly concerned with beautifying themselves and taking pictures 40 times a day.  Dammit, I just marginalized black male masculinity the same way my pops and uncles did, but guess what? I really don’t give a f**k.  

What does this have to do with my social media presence?  Actually it has a lot to do with it.  Being that my voice or ability to articulate myself is probably my most marketable talent, I’m nowhere near maximizing my potential just for the simple fact I’m not a “wake up,, go “live” while brushing my teeth then post a selfie 5 times a day”  type of dude.

I always bump into homies and loved ones when I’m making my rounds around NYC and some of them are famous, but while sharing an embrace with my people I never feel the need to stop a stranger to take a pic of us together because my life isn’t the Truman Show.  Yall remember that Jim Carrey movie where the main character comes to realize his entire life is actually a reality show type of spectacle with people watching his every move?  Yea. Well that’s what the average Joe does as a past-time nowadays.  He makes a spectacle of his life.

What are they promoting or talking about? Usually its not a got damn thing.  They’re just doing it because they can.  Now please don’t take this as hate because it isn’t.


I can’t even front on my own blog.  Of course, it’s hate.  I hate that most of these ppl usually have absolutely nothing to market or promote or say.  Nothing.  Some just smoke.  Other nod their heads to their favorite tunes. They’re promoting themselves without even having any type of product or service to sell “all of their followers”.*insert sarcasm*

So as a result, I can’t be as reserved or laidback as I normally am.  Noooo, I can’t because when in Rome you must do as the Romans do.  So here I am rambling and throwing shade at boring, uninteresting and/or downright “trying-too-hard-for-attention” ass people.  

Hey.  If you’re going to demand an audience at least make it worth their while.  Make your content so damn amazing and engaging that people are drawn to you like broke chicks are drawn to a “Ladies Free before 12” party.

Just to be clear I’m not anti social media at all.  I’m anti the anti social, ego inflating habits that social media encourages.  We need to restore some semblance of order or prepare ourselves for more Umar Johnson/Soulja Boy level stupidity lampooning itself as normal behavior.  I’m sorry, I won’t let that happen. Until next time, which will probably be in a few days just on the strength of the high frequency of fuckery out there, I salute you all.


Be Blessed,


Hamza Makonnen



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