In 2009(maybe) while going to see some of my ppls on Lefferts I met Rapp. European cat, prolly French or something. He was sitting on the stoop around a bunch of hood dudes quite comfortably. So when he stepped off I asked my man Jay (Rest Easy) about him and I was told that he was prepping to drive around the world. I thought the homie was exaggerating but the Euro dude went off and did it. He drove from NYC to the southern most point of South America then shipped his jeep to South Africa. He then proceeded to drive thru Africa, the mid East and Asia. It took him a year n a few months. Super Dope. Peep his blog. S/O to Rapp wherever he is. Rest easy to my man Jay. #Globetrotter #GoSeeSomethingNew #ItllChangeUrEyes


Conscious for Nothing

In 2014, society is in what is called the “Age of Information”.  Driven by the internet’s ability to give its users access to virtual libraries, people now have more information at their fingertips then they can, quite possibly, do something worthwhile with.  The benefits are well-known.  The World Wide Web allows a user to view documents and books that may have long out of print as well as view videos of lectures on a broad range of topics instantaneously and conveniently from home or a cell phone.  In theory, this is a good thing, but too much of a good thing can and usually becomes a thing anything but good.

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My Story (revisited)

My Story

I’m honestly at a loss for words about the whole of my experience over the past few years.  The priceless and infinitely indelible journey was and has been too rich for me to fully express. Quite honestly, I’m not confident I can fairly articulate the whole of everything;  the amazement, the enrichment, and all that have no words for.  Despite this I will press on.

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Biggie and Tupac: Hip-Hop’s Dr. King & Malcolm X or Nah?

The legendary martyrs of my Hip-Hop generation Tupac Amaru Shakur and Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace were/are two of the greatest entertainers who ever picked up a mic.  Their stories, roots, and unfortunate demises are common knowledge to even those who are not necessarily real Hip-Hop heads.  However, to us born into this culture they were our everything, our role models, and more importantly, our representatives to a world who had not yet accepted Hip-Hop as what would soon to become America’s most dominant modern culture.   Barbershop and late night stoop debates about who was better and the ever speculated “Who Killed BIG/Pac?” conspiracies are many. We have all done that and it’s cool.  I have no problems with this despite how dumb some “theories” sound to me.  Meaning, in my opinion some opinions sound stupid, however each person is entitled to feel how he feels, so I’m cool with almost everything; almost.

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Live from Saudi – “The ‘N’ Word” Scene 1 of 3

Scene I

In 2008, I made my first trip to the Saudi Arabia for personal spiritual reasons, in other words, I left the Big Apple in order to get my mind right.  While I was there, I donned my normal attire at that time which was Soho fresh attire accentuated by an authentic Brooklyn demeanor.  On my feet, I wore an exclusive pair of Adidas, as the 3 stripes were the only kicks worthy of making my size 13s not look like boats.  My jeans were dope in a nondescript, but fresh kind of way.  I don’t exactly remember the T-shirt, but I have always copped fly tees to complete the ensemble.  In fact, I do remember coppin’ 5 tees in Soho from an upstart T-shirt company called Echo Unltd in 1997 .  Everywhere I went I got love while rockin’ those shirts.  The Echo Unltd. Shirts gained a large following and the name was eventually changed to Ecko, because of some type of legal issue.  Eventually, the company blew up and it’s founder, Marc Ecko, is definitely google-worthy, if you don’t know about him………..But back to the story.

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